HealthyME Circle Membership


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The HealthyME Circle was created for individuals just like you who desire better health without the challenges of figuring out the how. By joining the community, you get strategies (tips and tricks) that fit you versus a one size fits all guide. We will focus on nutrition, exercise, attitude and lifestyle. The benefit of the membership is that you will be able to take control of your life and gain more knowledge on bettering your health and self-care practices.


  • Monthly Accountability Calls w/ Q&A (Twice a month) value $1800
  • Recipe Cards w/ shopping list (4 each month) value $60
  • Workbook or Journal (monthly) value $250
  • Easy, simple exercise plans (monthly) value $360
  • Access to online courses value over $600





Results are not guaranteed and will vary case by case as results are based on your current health, lifestyle and commitment.